PAX East 2018 with Obsidian, Paradox Interactive, and Versus Evil

PaxEast 2018 was such an incredible experience!  I had the honor to with with Obsidian, Paradox Interactive, and Versus Evil to bring to life Maia Rua, one of the main companion characters in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.  The Versus Evil booth was incredible, and had a constant line to try both Deadfire, and the newest Banner Saga game, which was fantastic because that meant I was able to interact with fans of the game constantly throughout the day.  One of my favorite experience from Saturday was having a fan of my character coming running up to me, with tears in her eyes, telling me how perfect I looked as Maia.  It’s those moments that really touch my heart – THIS is why I love to cosplay.


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