Welcome to My Site!

Hiya! Welcome to my site! My name is Lauren See, and I am an international cosplayer, costume & prop builder, host, industry speaker, martial arts expert, and all around MAJOR dork! You can get to know me here on my website by clicking the button below, or on my social media channels listed below!

2018 Appearances

Here is my current booking list for 2018/2019. Want to see me at an event near you? Message the event and tell them to add me as a guest!

MegaCon 2018

E3 2018

PaxWest 2018

BlizzCon 2018

Holiday Matsuri 2018

Hire Me!

I am an experienced costume and prop builder with over 6 years experience bringing characters to life for brands, publishers, game developers, and fans.  I have officially worked with brands such as Obsidian, Versus Evil, Paradox Interactive, PAXWest, MegaCon, FanExpo, OmniExpo, and more.

More Coming Soon!

This site is brand new & a work-in-progress! Stay tuned for updates including my new detailed cosplay portfolio & online store!